Negotiation and Negotiating Strategies 3 Courses £35

Negotiation and Negotiation Strategies
Negotiation and Negotiation Strategies
3 Courses in the Package An Introduction to Negotiation, Negotiation Strategies 1-Strategy Basics, Negotiation Strategies 2-Psychological Strategies. There are a number of strategies you can employ to help you reach the best outcome in negotiations. This course will show you how to apply good negotiating strategies

Who is this course for?

Anyone required to negotiate a satisfactory outcome to a problem or proposal

Titles Included

Introduction to Negotiation

Negotiation Strategies 1-Strategy Basics

Negotiation Strategies 2-Psychological Strategies

Introduction to Negotiation

Course duration 50 Minutes

Having completed this course the learner will be able to:
• Identify and marshal his or her personal communication and cognitive skills for use in the negotiation process
• Prepare themselves effectively for the negotiation process
This course overviews the key skills of negotiation as well as the structure of the negotiation process itself. The part that attitudes play in successful negotiation is also examined, enabling the learner to think about the appropriateness of their current attitudes. The importance of correct personal behaviour, such as body language, is considered and the learner is provided with practical guidance in this area.
Achieving the learning outcomes of this course represents an excellent foundation for skill development which, when combined with the other 2 courses in the series, will place the learner in a strong position to become a highly effective negotiator.
Negotiation is a difficult skill to master and, very often, managers believe they are able to negotiate successfully when this is not the case. The result of this misapprehension is a mixture of lost opportunity and spoilt relationships. By ensuring that all those people who need to negotiate are able to do so competently, the company will avoid these pitfalls.
Course Content
• The key communication skills
• The three key elements of negotiation
• The win-win approach
• Negotiation behaviour
• Preparing for successful negotiation
• The key steps of the negotiation process

1 CPD Point
This Course Earns you 1 CPD Point

Negotiation Strategies 1 Strategy Basics

Course duration 50 Minutes

There are a number of strategies you can employ to help you reach the best
outcome in negotiations. This course will show you how to apply good negotiating strategies to your advantage.
The course illustrates the importance of understanding your ‘tradables’, asking the right questions, making sure you are negotiating with the right person, and that they have the right level of knowledge and experience for the deal. You will also be given guidelines on the cultural and gender differences that can apply to negotiations, as well as the importance of timing and concessions.

Course Content
• Applying negotiation strategies • Telephone negotiations
• Ethics in negotiation • Negotiation & culture
• Basic strategies
• Applying strategies
• Negotiation & gender
• How to open the negotiation

Negotiation Strategies 2 Psychological Strategies

Course duration 50 minutes

There are a number of psychological strategies that are often employed in negotiations, so it’s important to recognise, deal and counter them.
You may not be aware that the basic human needs of security, economic well-being, belonging, recognition, and control over one’s life are also at play in negotiation. Couching your proposals in terms of satisfying these and any other needs that the other party may have will make it easy for them to say ‘Yes’. It’s important to keep the negotiation human
and establish rapport as early as possible. You may be surprised to learn that appearing dumb or appearing to have a weak position can sometimes be a strength in negotiation, as does using silence as a weapon.

This course will teach you to use effective questioning to counter any unfair tactics used by the other party without offending them, and how to respond to psychological warfare when it is used against you. You will also be shown how to deal with negotiators using fake authority or fake reciprocity.

Course Content
After completing this course, you will understand:
• Fake authority and fake reciprocity
• How to use silence as a weapon
• The good guy/bad guy scenario
• The ‘bottom line’
• How to deal with threats and intimidation
• Psychological warfare and how to respond to it
• Deception strategies
• How to create competition
• The importance of establishing rapport

1 CPD Point
This Course Earns you 1 CPD Point

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