Free Course Returning to work in exceptional times

Course Duration 25 minutes

This free interactive e-learning course is available to you and anyone else you feel would benefit

So, you’ve been working from home for the past couple of months and have now been asked to return to your workplace. What are you required to do and how are you going to do this safely?

There’s so much going on in the news at the moment and guidelines seem to be constantly changing and adapting so it’s completely understandable to feel unsure, confused, worried or anything else in between!

To help you feel more prepared and aware of how to stay safe, we will be working through the best practices and strategies that you can use at each point during your working day.


By the end of this course you’ll be able to:   

  • Prepare for a safe return to work
  • Implement best practices to make returning to work in extraordinary circumstances a little easier
  • Demonstrate basic health and safety practices throughout your working day

Topics covered

Returning to your workplace

Getting Ready for work

Check your household health

Getting to work

What to pack

Face coverings

Creating a routine