Time Management Training Package 5 Courses £45

Time Management Online Training Package
Time Management Online Training Package
5 Courses: An Introduction to Time Management, The Importance of Setting Goals in Time Management, Time Management: Deciding Your Priorities, Time Management: Managing Disruption and Keeping Focused, Time Management: Planning and Scheduling.

Titles Included

An Introduction to Time Management
The Importance of Setting Goals in Time Management
Time Management: Deciding Your Priorities
Time Management: Managing Disruption and Keeping Focused
Time Management: Planning and Scheduling

Who are these courses for: New employees or anyone who want to improve their time management and productivity

An Introduction to Time Management

Course Duration 35 Minutes

The tell-tale signs of poor time management are often apparent in the workplace; people feeling overloaded with work, working late or missing deadlines – often lurching from one crisis to another.
The outcomes of poor time management are potentially harmful for both the individual and the organisation, since productivity suffers, stress takes a hold and morale crashes. When time is managed well, however, people are exceptionally productive at work, stress levels drop and they can devote time to the interesting, high-reward projects that can make a real difference to a career. The organisation also benefits from higher productivity and well-motivated employees. This course, one of a series, enables the learner to understand the concept of time management, identify any issues they may have and take initial steps to remedy problems.
Course Content
• Time management problems – the symptoms
• What is time management?
• To-do lists
• Personal goals
• Prioritising tasks
• Managing distractions
• Combined discrimination
• Avoiding procrastination
• Avoiding task overload
• Taking breaks
• Scheduling tasks

1 CPD Point
This Course Earns you 1 CPD Point

The Importance of setting goals in time management

Course duration 40 minutes

Do you ever feel like you’re adrift in the world – working hard every day but getting nowhere? Do you seem to run out of time but wonder what you have actually done? If this sounds familiar it may be because you haven’t really thought about what you should be doing, where you should be going and how long it should take. To help you manage your time more effectively, surely it makes sense to have a good idea of what you should be doing and how long it should be taking? This course is designed to enable you to understand the importance of setting goals in
time management.
Course Content
• Why you should set goals
• How to set goals
• How to stay on course
• How to use SMARTER goals
• Common goal-setting mistakes
• What to do when you achieve your goals

1 CPD Point
This Course Earns you 1 CPD Point

Time Management Deciding the Priorities

Course Duration 30 minutes

Do you work hard? Do you consider yourself to be well organised and efficient, but despite your best efforts you never seem to actually achieve your objectives? Well, it could be that you are working on the interesting but unimportant tasks, rather than the ones that can have a real impact.
To be effective, you need to prioritise: you need to decide what tasks are urgent and important, and focus on these.With good prioritisation you can bring order to chaos, reduce stress and move towards achieving your goals.
Course Content
• The definition of ‘prioritising’
• Basic prioritisation
• False prioritising and false urgency
• Prioritisation tools

1 CPD Point
This Course Earns you 1 CPD Point

Time Management-Managing Disruption and Keeping Focused

Course duration 45 minutes

Most of us are distracted several times, if not dozens of times, every day.
We get emails and phone calls; we are pulled into last-minute meetings; we are asked for information and advice. And this all works in reverse, with us having to write a quick email, make a phone call, or call an unexpected meeting. We also need to take breaks to give our brains, eyes and ears a rest. On top of all this we have non-work interruptions and disruptions – the social interactions that are all part of life at work.
Everyday interruptions can be a major barrier to managing your time effectively, and, ultimately, can be a barrier to your success.
Learning how to minimise these distractions can dramatically increase your productivity and effectiveness, as well as reduce your stress. This course will enable you to minimise distractions, get into flow, produce high-quality work, and achieve much more during the day.
Course Content
• Interruption logging
• Reducing the disruption caused by emails,
instant messaging, phone calls, the internet
and other people
• Operating an open-door policy properly
• Dealing with uncontrollable interruptions
• Reducing the disrupting effects of the
working environment
• Keeping focused at work

1 CPD Point
This Course Earns you 1 CPD Point

Time Management-Planning and Scheduling

Course duration 45 minutes

Time is a finite resource that cannot be stored or saved for later use – time poorly used cannot be retrieved. Everyone has exactly the same amount of time each day, so how well it is used will figure highly in defining levels of job performance. For these reasons, the ability to analyse how time is spent, identify poor use and then effectively plan and schedule time usage in the future is essential, especially for busy people.
This course will enable you to undertake all these key time management activities.
Course Content
• What we mean by planning and scheduling
• The reasons for, and benefits of, keeping an activity log
• How to create an activity log
• The purpose of a ‘to-do’ list
• How to use a ‘to-do’ list
• The key features of an effective
scheduling tool
• How to schedule tasks and activities

1 CPD Point
This Course Earns you 1 CPD Point

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